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Gulf Worldwide Express News & Updates
9 March 2012
Bangladesh, Dhaka service interuptions on 12 March expected
For 12th March oppositions have called a grand political showdown across Dhaka city against the government. As a result we are expecting every roads be blocked and no movement be possible for the day. Delivery and pickups may hampered badly.
7 March 2012
Strikes in South Africa
We will be experiencing delays on inbound, and outbound clearance and deliveries, and local communication as a result of protest strike action in South Africa today. This is expected to continue until close of business today, and our operations will return to normal as from 08 March, 2012.
26 January 2012
Strikes in Italy
Strikes in parts of Italy continues. The most considerable delays affect the shipments for the South of Italy. Especially for the following areas: CALABRIA, PUGLIA, SARDEGNA , CAMPANIA, SICILIA, BASILICATA.
And in the North of Italy the following cities: GENOVA, BRESCIA, TORINO. In fact the rest of Italy is currently serviced conform schedule, but additional delays could happen everywhere.
23 January 2012
Mozambique services affected by tropical cyclones
Due to the two tropical cyclones that have hit the Mozambique coast this past week, several areas (Province of Gaza, Inhambane, Sofola, Quelimane, Nampula and Cabo Delgado) have been seriously affected with roads being cut off and bridges collapsed. Therefore please be advised that delays will occur in deliveries and collections. The government is currently repairing several roads and bridges. It is still early to determine when this situation will return to normal.
15 December 2011
Strikes in Cyprus
On 15 December a general strike by government employees is taking place in Cyprus. Due to the strike and flight cancellations to and from Cyprus, delivery and receipt of outbound and inbound shipments will be delayed.
24 November 2011
Strikes in Portugal
Strikes have been announced for Thursday 24 November in Portugal. Full impact is not know yet, but delays in deliveries and collections are expected due to demonstrations.
23 November 2011
Strikes in Italy
Today due to an unexpected strike of the unions in Italy, shipments which would be delivered today could suffer one day delay.
25 October 2011
Saudi Arabia; Pick-up/ Delivery Delays - Riyadh
Due to funeral procession of Crown Prince Sultan on Tuesday 25th October 2011 world leaders are expected to visit Riyadh City. Restrictions and diversions for traffic will be put in place due to preparations in the city, so there is expected to be some service impact on collections and deliveries in this area.
18 October 2011
Thailand services heavily affected by floods (update)
Delivery and Collection are hindered due to extreme weather. 61 provinces in Thailand are affected by floods. The sea level is forecasted to rise during 12-16 October and 28-30 October which may affect to inner city. The inner city of Bangkok is still safe now, but no guarantee that Bangkok will be safe until the end of this month. There are 5 industrial estates in Ayuthaya which are already closed. There are: Saha Ratana Nakorn, Rojchana, Hi-Tech, Bangpa-in , Factory Land and one in Pathumthani: Navanakorn which the flood just flow over the barrier and all factories are closed now. It's still heavy raining in some areas and the situation in Bangkok is uncertain. After Navanakorn Flood, the next risk areas 12000 Muang will be Don Muang (10210) and Sai Mai, Bangkhen 12110 Thanyaburi (10220). There is a lot of floodwater in surrounding 12120 Klong Luang areas and the situation in Bangkok is still unsafe even 12130 Prachatipok there is city's flood barrier to protect.
4 October 2011
Greece Strike
Please be informed that General strike in Greece has been announced for tomorrow October 5th, 2011
25 August 2011
China – Hong Kong to Shenzhen Shuttle
We have deployed a cross border trucking service from Hong Kong to Shenzhen. We have also invested in the deployment of a midnight connecting shuttle in Shenzhen. With a team of knowledgeable and efficient brokerage staff and in-house customs technology, we are able to clear 99% of consignments arriving at the Shenzhen Airport Express Clearance Centre within 4.5 hours. This has resulted in a dramatic improvement in our ability to service the Shenzhen market. We are able to offer next morning deliveries from Hong Kong arrivals into the three main cities of the Delta River Region, namely, Shenzhen, Dongguan and Guangzhou.
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